Two Afternoon Wrecks in the Summit PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 June 2011 17:30

Rescue 4 and 4-9 were dispatched to South State and Grove Street for the Motor Vehicle Accident with one patient stuck in the vehicle. Chief 4A arrived on scene with Rescue 4 and 4-9 to find both vehicles off the road with no injuries and no confinement. 4-9 handled two patient refusals. While Chief 4 was responding to the first accident, he came upon a vehicle over the embankment on North State in front of the Community Bank with 2 patients unresponsive in the vehicle. Rescue 4 quickly cleared the first wreck and responded to North State Street along with Ambulances 2-8 (Chinchilla), 5-9 (Dalton), CLS 3 and CLS 7 (paramedics). Rescue 4 arrived and initially took both lanes of traffic to protect the scene. Rescue crews stabilized the vehicle, assisted EMS crews packaging patients, and controlled hazards. With the patients extricated and hazards controlled, Rescue 4 remained on scene with Chief 4 until the vehicle was removed from the scene.